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Welcome to Total Focus Training, Facilitation and Coaching


Total Focus believes in supporting individuals, teams and organisations in challenging environmentsto develop knowledge, skills and new ways of thinking. We do this through training, facilitation and coaching.



Training is a method by which knowledge, skills and new thinking are acquired. As training participants are adult learners all learning,  training and development has an inbuilt ‘andragogy in practice’ approach  Total Focus designs all training, learning and development programmes using the core principles of andragogy, acknowledging individual and situational differences and the influence of goals for the purposes of learning.  Training programmes include those with QQI accreditation (National Award) and training programmes designed and run for a particular organisation.  Workshop are also available.  To find out more about training


Facilitation – hearing the voice of others


Derived from some of the most trusted techniques used in coaching, both from leadership executive coaching to personal coaching, the information contained on the following pages has been designed and tested by Total Focus to help bring progress and balance into your life. With the ever-increasing pressures and demands of modern life it can be all too easy to lose motivation and direction in your life. From chief executives to the unemployed, from people with degrees to those who drop out of school unable to read, one thing is certain – everyone wants their life to be better.  Whether it is additional finances, a successful career, promotion, more friends, a loving family, or increased health people want to bring about positive change in their lives. For more information on coaching