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As a new and innovative training organisation Total Focus brings you the very latest and most effective techniques from a variety of training methods and ten years experience of working as a trainer and delivering training programmes. These range from half day workshops, bespoke training designed for your business or organisation through to approved QQI (national award) modules. All our training is designed to support you and your strengths in order to reach your full potential. For more information on training 

In house training / bespoke training Please note that all these training programmes and workshops can be delivered ‘in house’ and tailored to the needs of your organisation.


Derived from some of the most trusted techniques used in coaching, both from leadership executive coaching to personal coaching, the information contained on the following pages has been designed and tested by Total Focus to help bring progress and balance into your life. With the ever-increasing pressures and demands of modern life it can be all too easy to lose motivation and direction in your life. From chief executives to the unemployed, from people with degrees to those who drop out of school unable to read, one thing is certain – everyone wants their life to be better.  Whether it is additional finances, a successful career, promotion, more friends, a loving family, or increased health people want to bring about positive change in their lives. For more information on coaching