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What is mentoring? 

Mentoring is turning ‘hindsight into foresight’.  It is a one-to one confidential relationship between a more experienced professional (the mentor) who share their relevant knowledge, skills and insights with a less experienced professional (the mentoree) exploring current situations and what the mentoree wishes to achieve.



Mentoring concentrates on the following:

  • Revolves around developing the mentoree professionally especially skills and specific work content
  • Agenda is set by the mentoree with the mentor providing support and guidance
  • Meeting can be both formal and informal
  • It is often an on-going relationship with excellent rapport
  • Takes a broad view of the mentoree as a person


Maeve Finch mentors commercial organisations, social enterprises, charities and government funded agencies.  She specialises in the following area:

  • Prestart- up businesses and start-up businesses
  • Namely service based businesses / organisations
  • Strategy – getting it right in the beginning
  • Innovating to improve your ideas
  • Communication with the public, your other stakeholders and employees
  • Improving your sales – selling yourself and/or selling your service
  • Effortless presentations – shaping your business
  • Time management – making the best use of your time

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