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Suggested content:

1/2 day workshop 

  • What is assertiveness?
  • your communication style – assertive, aggressive and non-aggressive (passive aggressive)
  • Understand yourself and why you behave in a certain manner
  • How to say NO without offending others and /or putting yourself under an obligation
  • Using confident body language / tone of voice and other tips
  • Characteristics of being assertive
  • Practising your new assertive behaviour
  • Planning your behaviour in both your personal and professional life

Plus as a full day workshop 

  • Improve your assertiveness by understanding confrontation and challenges (understanding self and others)
  • Combating the fear of assertiveness
  • Your charter of rights – what is this and what does it mean?
  • I statements
  • Powerful words
  • Have the confidence to challenge and push back, and ask for what you want without damaging relationships you have with others







 Delivered in-house at your convenience, you decide the date  and the time

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All workshops are interactive with trainer presentation, training exercises, skills practice and role play, group discussion, feedback and evaluation


Takeaway; A toolbox of practical strategies for improving your assertiveness 

As part of Total Focus’s unique new blended learning approach, some pre-work may be required.  This gives you the opportunity to use this pre-learning throughout the workshop. Total Focus is happy to issue certificates of attendance for participants.

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